Monday, 28 February 2011

Egyptian Artifacts Damaged

Tahrir Square outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. During the chaotic protests two nights before, would-be looters broke into the 108-year-old building through a skylight, according to official reports. The vandals damaged mummies and artifacts but were arrested before they could make off with anything.

Two ancient mummified heads, as yet unidentified, lie on the floor of the Egyptian Museum on Monday after the weekend attack by looters.

In the region around this 4,500-year-old tomb of an official at Abusir (pictured in an undated photo), looters allegedly broke into excavation warehouses filled with artifacts this past weekend.

crowds throng King Tut's golden funerary mask in the Egyptian Museum. The iconic piece was not among the damaged artifacts."A lot of the things that were broken off were gilded wood, so I think [the looters] were after gold,"

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