Wednesday, 11 May 2011

On a Fiery Steed They Rides

This is either a picture of the exact moment that Devil busted out his hot rod & began tearing ass in to the apocalypse, or else poor Marty's stuck right at 87 MPH again. This photograph was taken at Serra da Leba, a landmark road in Angola, & while it has not been digitally altered, it is a long exposure taken over 60 seconds. You could cry foul that a manipulated picture should not make the list, hypothetical reader, or you could select to ponder the implications of that fact in lieu. Perhaps awful moves at a different speed than man; perhaps it is a slow & creeping thing. & possibly, in the event you weren't so rash, so impulsive - in the event you could cease & think about it for little minute - possibly you could finally trace back its fiery path.

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